Urow ("Manx") Characters

The Urow are a sophisticated people, who settled the whole of their homeworld of Askon in their prehistory and developed several characteristic regional sets of traits.

Rainworld's racists think of them homogenously as "the Manx" — fluffy catpersons from "snow planets", feared and valued for their lethal sprint-predator drive.

This Rainworld content is under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license, attributed to Kade Archer Peregrine.


There are five major broad regional cultures on Askon, and corresponding sets of Urow traits.

  • Urow-Keen ("Manx"): nomadic permafrost hunters
  • Urow-Nee: temperate forest dwellers, reclusive and stealthy
  • Urow-Song ("Cave Manx"): miners and metalworkers from Askon's mountain caves
  • Urow-Sett: ranchers and merchants of the equatorial grasslands
  • Urow-Lin: seagoing fishers, swimmers and traders
However, all Urow are of the same species, and it is also possible to represent individuals of mixed Urow heritage.

All Urow add these features:

  • +1 PHYS
  • +1 ACU
  • The ability to extend bristles on their paw pads to improve traction when running or climbing
  • Whiskers that extend slightly past their shoulders, allowing them to sense nearby movement, obstacles, and vibration
  • The ability to track by scent, using the Observation skill (although doing so in dense human urban environments usually requires additional training)
  • The ability to perform subsonic throat-singing, though the specific songs and language known depend on the community in which the individual was raised


The hard material poverty of life on Askon's snowpacks drives many young Urow-Keen to emigrate in search of a different life among the worlds of the Interstellar Commonweal, making them overwhelmingly the most common of Rainworld's Urow. Add the following features:

  • Quad-Physiostate
  • Cold Adapted
  • Glare Adapted

Add the following features:

  • Duo-Physiostate
  • Climber
  • Prehensile Tail

The distant second most common sight on Rainworld, there is a population of Urow-Song in the Gyre, the complex of tunnels and underground industrial spaces beneath New Shenzen. Add the following features:

  • Duo-Physiostate
  • Speleonavigation
  • Gloom Adapted

Add the following features:

  • Quad-Physiostate
  • Sprinter
  • Heat Adapted

Add the following features:

  • Duo-Physiostate
  • Swimmer
  • Prehensile Tail
Mixed Heritage Urow

To make a mixed heritage Urow character, take the three traits listed above for each parent, and pick a Physiostate trait and two others from their parents' combined list of six. These pairs of traits are mutually incompatible:

  • Quad- and Duo-Physiostate
  • Glare and Gloom Adaptation
  • Heat and Cold Adaptation


Urow metabolisms constantly exist in one of a number of distinct physiological states, with game-mechanical effects; they are predatory carnivores who stalk and then pursue prey in high-intensity bursts of activity.

The Quad-state physiology is the origin of their Rainworld reputation as relentless pursuers and merciless killers.

Duo- and Quad-Physiostate metabolisms share two states:

Scouting (also called "Resting") State

The everyday default state for all Urow.

An energy-conservation state for roaming until prey is located. All other states return to this one when ended.

In this state:

  • all PHYS- and CON-linked skills are at a -1 penalty
  • the Urow has the Slow Start initiative condition

Stalking (also called "Prowling") State

Once prey is sighted, the Urow's metabolism speeds up, making more energy available to muscle tissue; this state is for stealthily approaching and circling the prey pack, evaluating and choosing targets.

In this state:

  • the Urow has a +1 bonus to Observation and Tactical Awareness
  • this state can be voluntarily ended at any time, or maintained for up to PHYS÷2 hours

Quad-Physiostate metabolisms have two additional states, specifically adapated for the sprinting and bringing down prey animals:

Chasing State

Quad-Physiostate Urow can voluntarily move to this state from the Stalking state; an intense short-range pursuit for closing the last of the distance to the chosen target.

Triggering the Chasing state in an environment where the Urow is unsuited to the temperature (such as Rainworld, for Cold Adapted Urow) without active temperature management gear will necessitate medical treatment.

When the Chasing state ends, the Urow always requires high-calorie food and/or sleep shortly afterwards.

In this state:

  • the chase cannot be maintained for more PHYS÷2 minutes
  • a successful Concentration check is needed to voluntarily drop to the Scouting state
  • retractable micro-hairs on the Manx's paw pads extend, increasing traction and doubling the Manx's MV
  • the Urow has the Fast Start initiative condition
  • the Urow can make a pounce attack using their Martial Arts skill, up to a distance of 5m; attacking a target (in this or any other way) automatically triggers the Killing state

Killing State

A rapid, efficient frenzy, this state burns through the remainder of the chasing state's energy surge.

In this state:

  • it cannot last more than PHYS combat rounds
  • the Urow must make a successful Concentration check at a -3 penalty to voluntarily end the Killing state without incapacitating an antagonist
  • the Urow has all of these:
    • the Go-Again+ initiative condition
    • a +2 bonus to Martial Arts
    • +3 DMG to all melée attacks.

Other Urow Traits


+2 bonus ranks in the Climb skill for no character creation point cost (add these after spending any character creation points on the skill; work out eligibility for skill specialties afterwards based on your total skill ranks).

Cold/Heat Adapted

The Urow is physiologically adapted for an environment with an extreme of temperature.

In that extreme, they take no penalties or damage, and need no special gear to remain active. (Conversely, in the opposite temperature extreme, they require special gear, and will suffer penalties and/or damage without it.)

Glare/Gloom adapted

The Urow’s vision is physiologically adapted for conditions of high or low light.

The light intensity at which they naturally take no vision penalties is at the appropriate extreme where a human character would be at a -2 penalty. (They will correspondingly find human-normal lighting either too dim or too bright.)


Heightened spatial awareness and visualisation capabilities, combined with a magnetic sense, permits the Urow to navigate accurately underground. (In a human environment, this not only extends to urban navigation, but sensitivity to the magnetic fields of electrical cables and equipment.)


Whenever combat time begins, the Urow temporarily has maximum effective ranks in the Runner quirk. After each phase in which the Urow moves, they lose 1 effective rank, until their effective ranks in the quirk reach 0 (or the rank of Runner they bought with character creation points, if higher).


+2 bonus ranks in the Swim skill for no character creation point cost (add these after spending any character creation points on the skill; work out eligibility for skill specialties afterwards based on your total skill ranks).