Skills are the primary game mechanic which Rainworld characters use to interact with their world.


Skills are rated on a scale starting from 0 (no training, aptitude, or expertise at all) to 11 (the most possible).

Each skill is linked to one of the character statistics — PHYS, CON, TUF, ACU, EDU, or PPL, reflecting the general area of aptitude or achievement it falls into. The highest rank a character can have in any skill is equal to their rank in the linked statistic — although various Quirks, gear, and circumstances can improve on their raw skill.

Nobody's good at everything — characters aren't expected to have many (or any) ranks in most skills! Ideally, squads will cover most of the bases by having people specialised in different things. (And if not, you can always subcontract, or spend XP on new skills.)

PHYS-linked Skills

  • Climb: safely and effectively climbing up or down walls, slopes, structures or other surfaces
  • Gymnastics: general feats of physical flexibility and power
  • Swim: staying afloat, diving, safely and effectively manoeuvring yourself in water
  • Throw: maximising the accuracy and range of thrown objects

CON-linked Skills

  • Melée Weapons: physically handling close combat weapons, knowing where and how to effectively hit people
  • Drive Bike: advanced driving and safe manoevring on motorbikes and other vehicles requiring rider balance
  • Firearms: physically handling ranged weapons, accurately aiming, knowing where and how to effectively shoot people
  • Martial Arts — effective close combat without weapons, knowing where and how to effectively hit people
  • Sleight — physical misdirection, pickpocketing, palming small objects
  • Stealth — concealing yourself, traversing spaces and performing tasks without being noticed

TUF-linked Skills

  • Concentration — maintaining ongoing tasks, focus or composure under stress, distraction, pain and fatigue
  • Endurance — resisting sustained psychological stress from pressure, pain and fatigue

ACU-linked Skills

  • Drive Vehicle — advanced driving and safe manoevring in cars and other self-stable vehicles
  • Flow (Ganzfeld only) — the mental calculations needed to activate Flow techniques
  • Investigation — deduction, detective work, assembling information into evidence and evidence into proof
  • Observation — noticing things in your surroundings, personal-scale spatial awareness
  • Tactical Awareness — opponent and situational evaluation, squad-level tactics, rolling Initiative
  • Tradecraft — trailing people, actively blending into crowds, undercover methodology

EDU-linked Skills

  • Business — knowledge and understanding of Rainworld's accounting and business management practices
  • Electronics — understanding, use, design, development and repair of electronics and computer hardware
  • Explosives — safe handling and effective deployment
  • Forensics — knowledge and application of physical and digital techniques
  • Mechanics — understanding, use, design, development and repair of mechanical systems
  • Medic — first aid, basic field medicine
  • Navigation — principles and practise, urban-scale spatial awareness
  • Organics — understanding, use, design, development and repair of biochemical systems
  • Software — understanding, use, design, development and repair of software

PPL-linked Skills

  • Aggro — making a negative impression in order to get what you want, intimidation, coercion
  • Bureaucracy value-neutral and professional interaction skills, etiquette
  • Interact — making a positive impression in order to get what you want, friendly persuasion
  • Memetics — recognising and employing information design which promotes the newsworthiness, believability and virality of communication
  • Public Relations — public speaking, corporate evasiveness, crisis management
  • Subterfuge — controlling or deliberately altering your appearance, speech or mannerisms to mislead people