Quirks are individual peculiarities with specific rules effects, which are available to customise your character during character creation.

Character Creation Point Quirks

These Quirks have a straightforward cost in character creation points.


Cost: 10 points

The character is ambidextrous, and takes no penalty for attacking with their off hand.

Asset: Cyberdeck

Cost: 35 points

You have been additionally trained to deploy a company-issued asset: a ruggedised, shockproof, waterproof keytar-style portable computer optimised for electronic and computer maintenance, testing, forensics, intrusion, and information warfare.

Asset: Drone

Cost: 15 points

You have been additionally trained to deploy a company-issued asset: a 1m-wide saucer drone; Central contra-rotating ducted rotors; wireless AV stream; remote megaphone mode; weapon bay, which accepts any Hand Canon brand handgun (or other firearm, with an adapter kit costing 50ℒ). Can autonomously follow commands of the general behavioural sophistication of a videogame AI.

Asset: Peepl Biocorp Service Animoid

Cost: 35 points

You have been additionally trained to deploy a company-issued asset: a powerful, aggressive biotech hyenoid. 5-box Body track; Regeneration and Vox Legis susceptibility as per Homunculoids; effective Aggro, Climb, Endurance and Stealth of 7; Martial Arts 8; 2 ranks of the Coordination quirk; bites for 4 DMG, 2 AP and will lock its jaw, hold and shake bitten targets for an additional 1 DMG per round until the target is subdued, the animoid is fought off, or it is commanded to release.

Asset: Service Animal

Cost: 25 points

You have been additionally trained to deploy a company-issued asset: a genuine working canine or similarly capable creature. 5-box Body track; effective Aggro, Endurance, Stealth and Martial Arts of 6; 1 rank of the Coordination quirk; can track people by scent; bites for 2 DMG, 1 AP.


4 ranks, 5 points per rank

Increases the accuracy of burst and automatic fire directed at a single target.


3 ranks, 3 points per rank

All those who can assist in a task add their Coordination rank as a bonus to the main participant's skill roll.

Exotic Vehicle

Cost: 10 points per exotic vehicle

Allows the use of one of the standard Drive skills (specified in the vehicle description) with a particular exotic vehicle.

Exotic weapon

Cost: 10 points per exotic weapon

Allows the use of one of the standard attck skills (specified in the weapon description) with a particular exotic weapon.


Cost: 10 points

No penalties for splitting the character's focus to simultaneously attack different targets with each hand


10 ranks per field of knowledge, ranks per field priced cumulatively as per skills

At rank 1, the character read a book on the topic once; at 10, they are a recognised expert on the subject.


Cost: 5 points

Allows use of the Observation skill (and any applicable vision bonus) to read lips.


3 ranks, 3 points per rank

In addition to the standard penalty negation for aiming, each consecutive aiming action following that gives the character a cumulative +1 bonus to the eventual shot, up to a maximum bonus equal to their rank in this quirk. Once they accumulate the maximum aiming bonus, continuing to aim maintains it but confers no further benefit. If their aim is interrupted before firing, the bonus is lost.


3 ranks, 3 points per rank

Affects the media's general perception and coverage of the character.


Cost: 10 points per additional language

Grants an additional language each time, fluently written and spoken/signed. (You don't need a Quirk for your character to be raised with a second language, etc. — this is for additional languages they deliberately studied.)

POV Plasticity

3 ranks, 5 points per rank

  • Rank 1: Penalty for acting on indirect sensory data is reduced to −2
  • Rank 2: No penalty for acting on indirect sensory data
  • Rank 3: In addition to no penalty for acting on indirect sensory data, you can multitask your perception of the world across all available sensoria; you gain a +3 bonus to Observation, and a +1 bonus to attack rolls, for each available sensory feed in addition to your natural one

5 ranks, 5 points per rank

MV increases by 1m per rank.

Sharp Sense

3 ranks per sense, 3 points per rank per sense

+1 bonus per rank to Observation when using appropriate the appropriate sense (e.g. Hearing or Vision).

Spoken/Signed Language

3 ranks per language, 1 point per rank per language

Grants an additional spoken/signed language (but no written form of it), at tourist phrasebook, basic conversational, or fluent level.

Useful Friend

Cost: 20 points

You have an arrangement with someone who works in a particular Workcentre franchise. If you scratch their back and take an occasional shitty job, they’ll give you first refusal on lucrative jobs that come up.

Written Language

3 ranks per language, 1 point per rank per language

Grants an additional written language (but no spoken/signed form of it), at tourist phrasebook, basic conversational, or fluent level.


Cost: 5 points

Allows use of the Gymnastics skill to manoeuvre in microgravity.

Upside/Downside Quirks

These Quirks come in two lists — Upsides and Downsides. They do not cost character creation points — instead, you can simply take them. However, for each Upside you take, you must also take one Downside.


+2 Click

UPSIDE: Exceptional Talent

Raises the maximum for a single statistic from 10 to 11. (Only the maximum — actual ranks in it are bought separately!)

UPSIDE: Cyberware

The character has been surgically implanted with cyberware, permanently granting one of the following:

  • Fast Start initiative condition
  • Go-Again initiative condition
  • Neurostreaming Bus: this allows an individual to stream their sensorium in realtime to an external audience. (Cannot be taken by homunculoids.)

UPSIDE: Ganzfeld Artefact

(Ganzfeld only)

The character has been entrusted with a priceless artefact from the Ganzfeld homeworld:

  • Precision Target Discriminator
  • Process Maintenance Matrix


Family back home, a high-maintenance sexytimes buddy, inadvisable loans in your past, or just a lifestyle to which you're accustomed — something deducts 20% of all your PROPs.


The character permanently has the Slow Start initiative condition.

DOWNSIDE: Chronic Physical Health Issue

Character's Body track is permanently shortened by one box.

DOWNSIDE: Chronic Mental Health Issue

Character's Mind track is permanently shortened by one box.

Trouble Quirks

These Quirks have no cost at character creation time. Instead, they explicity invite Control to create problems for your character during the game.

Cheap Digs

5 ranks

Your character’s monthly rent is below market rates — 10% less for each rank. Each game session, there’s an N-in-6 chance of a mishap at home, where N = your ranks in this quirk. (Example mishaps might include water or sewage leaks, break-ins, power outages, or the landlord subletting your bathroom to a family of feral Manxes.)


Credit cards, loans, loaded but ungenerous relatives — long story short, you borrowed the money upfront. Each 100ℒ increase in your starting gear budget represents a 10% cut of all your PROPs until they’re satisfied.


You did, or are doing, something lucrative but illegal — and somebody knows. They have ideas what you can do to keep them quiet. Increases your starting gear budget by 150ℒ for the proceeds of minor criminality, or 300ℒ for major misdeeds — either way, the amount is doubled for ongoing crimes.


Somebody lent you an extra 100ℒ for your starting gear budget, on the understanding you'll be useful to them one day.


A specific piece of starting gear was 25% off the usual price. Maybe you should have asked more questions about that, but it’s very shiny.


Whenever you pick up an RFW ticket, there may be also a package waiting for you: a free sample of whatever hot new product is fresh off the fabbers — clothes, gear, guns.... But in return, they expect you to make them look conspicuously good.

If the sponsors think you made them look good, you might earn a bonus payout. Mostly, though, it's just free stuff — and you get nagged to take flashier (read: riskier) RFWs to show it off.

Disability Accommodations

Your character is disabled — and you, the player, are prepared to play consistently with their needs and capabilities. (This is not intended to exhaustively represent all possible disabled Operatives; these are examples.)

  • Mobility: your character may exchange their standard training package PAYE deal for the same repayment terms on DocSteady gear up to the value of 3000ℒ.
  • Vision: your character gains two quirks for no character creation point cost — Asset: Service Animal (trained as a guide animal) and 3 ranks in Written Language: Braille.
  • Hearing: Commonweal Standard Sign Language replaces your character’s automatic fluency. They gain the Lipreader quirk for no character creation point cost. Your character may exchange their standard training package PAYE deal for the same repayment terms on DocSteady gear up to the value of 1000ℒ.
  • AAC: Your character is issued and authorised to use a ruggedised touchscreen assistive communication device, preloaded with one synthetic voice. It can use the same system as the MPT emergency band to broadcast to nearby PineaLinks; misuse may be treated as an abuse of the emergency broadcast system. (Perfects have the familial wealth and/or connections to obtain a device — and relevant permit — to replicate the Vox Legis.)

Species-Specific Quirks

Prehensile Tail

Urow only

Cost: 10 points

Even occasional Urow not blessed with the parentage to have one occasionally exhibit the trait.

Scent Tracker

Urow only

Cost: 10 points

Training allows the Urow to use Observation to track people by scent, even in Rainworld's high-density urban environment.


Urow only

Cost: 10 points

Extensive training allows the Urow to extend their paw bristles at will, in any physiostate, enabling them to climb sheer vertical surfaces.


Human baseline or Mutt

Cost: 5 points

A minor cybernetic implant alerts the character when the Vox Legis is being used.


Mutt only

Cost: 15 points

You can seal off your trachea and rely on a set of respiratory organelles containing symbiotic anaerobic bacteria to keep your body functioning. In the anaerobic state:

  • your MV is capped at 3
  • any physical exertion in excess of a slow walk on level ground requires a Raise 1 to attempt
  • your body accumulates toxic by-products; every 10 minutes requires an hour of air-breathing to detox
  • accumulating more than an hours’ worth of anaerobic toxins is life-threatening

Mutt only

Cost: 10 points

If you are in an acoustically reflective space, you can judge its size and shape, and the presence of solid obstacles from the reflected sounds within it. You find open surface environments disorienting, and loud noises painful.


Mutt only

Cost: 15 points

Mutant collagen, modified joint structure and unusually flexible bones combine to make you inhumanly bendy. Useful for slithering through confined spaces and general escape artistry, you gain the effects of a free Raise 1 on every successful CON- and PHYS-linked skill check, without raising its difficulty; however, every Gymnastics check and other strenuous activity inflicts a box of stun on you, as routine joint dislocations, irreversible cartilage wear, and compensatory muscle strain accelerate your body’s natural deterioration.


Mutt only

Cost: 25 points

Your body contains deliberately spliced traits that vastly amplify your physical and genetic plasticity, ideal for self-experimentation. Your body can adapt to donor parts with negligible risk of rejection, without any particular need for tissue matching; even bootleg Homunculoid parts have a reasonable chance of viability. You are far more susceptible to exposure to mutagens, for good or ill. Conventional medical treatment has limited effectiveness on you, and almost 80% of pregnancies where one or more parents have this quirk spontaneously abort.


Homunculoid only

Trouble Quirk

You are not one of those lucky few granted legal personhood. Instead, you found a loophole in your programming, or had your cybernetics rooted and behavioural constraints wiped by Jailbreakers, and went AWOL from your corporate post. Freed from ownership — with all the risk of pursuit, recapture, and punishment that escape always carries for enslaved people.