Homunculoid Characters

Homunculoids are biotech labour units produced by Peepl Biocorp. In order to qualify for certain interstellar subsidies, Rainworld boosts the apparent diversity of its human-majority population by buying a percentage of all homunculoid production and granting them legal personhood.

Order Codes

The homunculoid vision system includes a pathway for rapid subconscious recognition and decoding of Homunculoid Order codes (HO-codes). These are hexagonal, high-density 2D barcodes, designed to quickly convey written instructions to robots and homunculoids; they commonly appear on Rainworld public signage, either alongside human-readable text — or alone, for such messages as “no entry to homunculoids”.

Other uses for HO-codes include homunculoid-targeted marketing, and for efficiently passing messages under the noses of baseline humans. (It’s not foolproof, of course; HO-code apps are widely available, and Perfects, as always, pose a greater danger than baselines; their own enhancement technologies might enable any given one to read HO-codes natively themself!)


All homunculoids gain the following features:
  • +1 PHYS
  • +1 TUF
  • Regeneration: Unless dying, homunculoids heal one box of injury from their Body track at the end of each combat round.
  • Each homunculoid has a biochassis: the particular model of vat-grown body they have.
  • Different biochassis have different numbers of option slots: support infrastructure for standard, factory-fitted customisation modules.


3A Typhon

Option slots: 2

The original and most numerous chassis on the market, the Typhon is a flexible and physically powerful multirole product. It has been successfully tweaked and outfitted for numerous roles, including standalone security patrol, riot countermeasures, construction and demolitions.

The Typhon includes Fast Start as standard, and adds +1 DMG to all melée attacks.

Characters with a Typhon biochassis can have a maximum of 7 in their EDU and PPL stats.

M44 Squat

Option slots: 2

The Squat’s performance-engineered muscle tissue, shatter-resistant cartilaginous skeleton, and low centre of gravity are optimised for load-handling duties. A popular and durable product, common in cargo loading applications.

The Squat has Slow Start, 1 free rank in the Coordination quirk, and a +2 bonus to tasks involving pure physical strength.

Characters with a Squat biochassis can have a maximum of 7 in their EDU and PPL stats.

7X Hekatonkhire

Option slots: 1

The Hekatonkhire is a stand-out combat asset. An extensive rework of the Typhon’s endocrine system has resulted in an unprecedentedly focused suite of emotional responses, optimised for aggression. Larger, faster and more deadly, the Hekatonkhire is an excellent crisis response unit.

The Hekatonkhire includes Go-Again+ as standard and adds +2 DMG to all melée attacks.

Characters with a Hekatonkhire biochassis can have a maximum of 6 in EDU and cannot increase their PPL stat; however, their Aggro skill is not capped by their PPL stat, and can be increased all the way to 10.

4B Naga

Option slots: 1

An industrial maintenance design, the Naga chassis is designed to access difficult-to-reach areas. The design uses a humanoid head and arms for maximum equipment compatibility; below the diaphragm, the remainder of the chassis is eight feet of soft, flexible caterpillar-style abdomen. Suction feet will adhere to sheer vertical and inverted surfaces; a stretch-contract walk cycle allows easy passage through any gap the chassis will fit into; and the boneless structure of the abdomen makes the the Naga so flexible, it can U-turn and walk back alongside its own tail, its own sides touching.

Characters with a Naga biochassis start with a MV of 3, and can have a maximum of 7 in their PHYS stat.

OG Orca

Option slots: 1

In later stages of colonisation, the Orca is intended for use in offshore construction labour. Now, how- ever, it is produced in limited runs for maintenance on the atmospheric processor’s cooling ponds. (It’s regularly suggested that Orca squads would be ideal for chickenoid sewer clearance, but S4G has so far exercised its corporate influence to block any efforts that might divert RFW fees from its own pockets.)

The Orca has a blunt, neckless, shark-shaped torso, as if someone removed the tail from a Great White and stuck human limbs on instead. Out of water, they are ungainly, having trouble directing their vision to either the sides, or more than approximately 15° below eye level, without manoeuvering their entire torso; they take a -3 penalty to all CON-linked skills. In water, however, they excel — with a combined-cycle metabolism that uses both anaerobic chemical pathways, and high-efficiency gills based on fish that thrived in the muddiest and most hostile of Earth’s waters. Sealed optics and robust immune systems mean they can shrug off total immersion in toxic runoff and raw sewage; a fine-grained chemodetection sensorium makes them better at detecting and tracking scents in water than a bloodhound in air; and a lateral-line system makes them incredibly sensitive to vibrations and motion in the water surrounding them.

Characters with an Orca biochassis start with two distinct MVs: on land, it is 4, and in water it is 10. Their expanded senses give them a +3 to Observation, and allow them to track people by scent, when they are immersed. They can have a maximum of 8 in their CON stat; they can’t effectively use gear which assumes typical human head physiology, including eye layout.

Goshawk G1

Option slots: 1

An ultralightweight chassis with gliding membranes and implanted gravitics. The Goshawk aerial recon unit is not truly flight-capable, but can glide for extended periods given sufficient updraft.

Intended for external maintenance inspection of elevated structures and first response intel overview, Goshawks have seen some popularity as virtual tourism experiences, renting out sensorium time on a Telepresence Link (see below).

Characters with a Goshawk biochassis have an effective +1 to Tactical Awareness and an effective +2 ranks in the Sharp Sense (Vision) quirk; they cannot increase their PHYS stat. As a Basic Activity, they can launch into a glide; unless there is an updraft, this cannot reach a higher elevation than their starting point. Gliding and wearing armour are mutually exclusive.

Customisation Options

Peepl Biocorp authorised maintenance dealers (and EULA-violating third parties) can swap out the options fitted to an individual homunculoid. This is generally no more involved than an afternoon's stay in a nutrient tank, plus simple mechanical work. This nominally costs a few hundred Libredollars.

Although biochassis are factory rated for a set number of options, unauthorised shops have few scruples about fitting extras and exceeding that number. Check with Control; more than one excess option may involve negotiating health effects or increased lifestyle expenses, and will make you conspicuous.


Chromatophores allow the homunculoid to blend uncovered areas of skin into their background. These can be activated and deactivated at will. The character gains a CAMO stat, which functions as a bonus to their Stealth versus visual perception, and as a penalty to antagonists attacking them.

  • While deactivated, their CAMO is 0
  • When activated:
    • while sprinting, their camouflage becomes ineffective and CAMO is fixed at 0
    • while moving up to MV, CAMO is fixed at 1
    • while not moving from their current position, CAMO increases by 1 at the end of each round, to a maximum of 5

Self-sharpening, retractable claws. DMG 2, AP 2

Direct Synthcerebral Interface

A transcranial ExpandoCard slot, for direct use of selected computer peripherals.

Enhanced Motor Coordination

The homunculoid can aim a firearm as an Adjunct Activity.

Olfactory Optimisation

Allows the use of Observation to track people by scent.


Pockets built into the homunculoid’s skin for gear storage.

Prehensile tail

Octopus-inspired neuroarchitecture lightens the cognitive burden of managing an additional limb, while still allowing conscious fine control when desired. Attacking with the tail incurs off-hand penalties, even if the character has the Ambi quirk.


Shatterproof facial tusks. DMG 3, AP 1; +1 to Aggro checks when dealing with non-homunculoids

Telepresence Link

A cerebral interface hooks up the biochassis nervous system to a high-bandwidth wireless uplink, streaming digitised multisensory data to a remote receiver. Other homunculoids, and humans with PineaLinks, can access the stream — immersively experiencing it as if they were present within that body themself.

The designers’ use case was to send expendable homunculoid workers into situations where an expert could not be risked, bringing the expert online to give their assessment as if they were present on the ground. Other uses have been found, including surveillance, and renting out one’s sensorium — as a news media cameraperson, to body tourists, and of course for porn.


Although the full nutritional needs of a biochassis cannot be met without food and Peepl-brand nutritional supplements, this chlorophyll-powered dermal layer significantly reduces the honumculoid’s need to eat.


This aftermarket digestive system upgrade enhances key organs, enabling the homunculoid to process nutrients out of nearly any organic matter.

(Corporate homunculoid fleet operators should note that, while the Omnigut can slash Total Cost of Ownership by reducing dietary requirements, reliance on Peepl-brand nutritional supplements is virtually eliminated; the survivability of feral units is therefore increased. Consult your liability insurance provider accordingly.)

Argus Vision System

Melding a number of animal-inspired concepts, the Argus Vision System offers a re-engineered optical structure, with no blind spot and multiple retinal focus points per eye, allowing independent depth perception from each, perfectly complementing the fully independently-aimed eyeballs. The Argus Vision System is tetrachromatic, capable of seeing into the near ultraviolet, and sees both linearly and circularly polarised light.

Close Combat Osteodeterrent

Skeletal modifications and alterations to healing and tissue composition allow the homunculoid to respond to close-combat threats by realigning certain bones and bone spurs and extruding them through the skin, disincentivising grapples and melee attacks. (DMG 2, AP 2 to successful melee attackers)

Briareus Limb Upgrade

The unforseen popularity of the Prehensile Tail option with Rainworld’s porn industry, and the resulting export boom in locally-produced live-action hentai, fast-tracked the development of the Briareus customisation option. Any number of the limbs of an otherwise stock biochassis can be replaced with a bundle of highly dexterous tentacles of the same length, anywhere from two to 10. The combined cross-sectional area of the tentacles is always roughly the same as a muscular example of the limb they replace, so the more of them there are, the thinner and more delicate they are.

Adding tentacle clusters where no limbs exist on the stock chassis is possible, but requires more extensive biological rework; additional clusters can be added at a cost of 15 character creation points/XP each.

PineaLink Scanner

A compact, highly directional skull-mounted antenna pod enables look-to-lookup PineaLink ID reading at distances up to 10m. (A covert internally-mounted version costs 5 character creation points/XP, and has only half the range.)