Ganzfeld Characters

Rainworld's Republic deeply concerns itself with a fascistic hierarchy of who's human and who's not — and who only slightly counts. The wider galaxy considers Ganzfelds to be simply one of the weirder strains of humanity to arise in the universe; Rainworld considers them "near-human aliens".

Game mechanically, Ganzfelds' selling point is that they have psionic powers.


The Ganzfeld homeworld was once just another penal conlony and strip mine, signed over to a MAX (Mineral Assay & Extraction) corporation. The inmates rose up against the lethally inhumane conditions and took over the colony; unlike hundreds of others, they succeeded in taking and holding it — due to the emergence of Flow users among their population. It's not clear how or why, but Ganzfelds can intuitively access some kind of mathematical substrate, below everyday physics, and selectively break reality's laws. All variants have the following character features:

  • +1 PPL
  • +1 ACU
  • You have an additional ACU-linked skill: Flow
  • You have no PineaLink; brain implants interfere with Flow use
In addition to that:


Whether born on Feldspar, or on Rainworld as a Ganzfeld-Libertarian. Add the following:

  • Pick 5 Flow techniques (respecting any prerequisites) for no character creation point cost

Often with one non-Ganzfeld parent, you do not have quite the same command of your Flow use as baseline Ganzfelds. Add the following features:

  • Pick 5 Flow techniques (respecting any prerequisites) for no character creation point cost
  • Burners never take boxes of fuzz; all of their Flow use immediately accrues Paradox.
  • Select one of your 5 free Flow techniques. You gain a free Flow skill specialty in activating it. In addition, the Paradox you accrue for activating it is permanently reduced to 0.

Often with one non-Ganzfeld parent, you have a deep but inflexible understanding of your Flow use. Add the following:

  • Pick one of the fields of Flow technique:
    • Kinesis
    • Thermosis (as Pyrothermosis)
    • Thermosis (as Cryothermosis)
    • Illuminosis
    • Nonlocality
    • Infometry
    • Morphics
    • Automorphics
    You know all techniques in that field, ignoring any cross-field prerequisites.
  • Unlike other Ganzfelds, you can never learn new Flow techniques

  • Flow Techniques

    Flow techniques are traditionally divided into the fields of Kinesis, Thermosis, Illuminosis, Nonlocality, Infometry, Morphics and Automorphics — with Feldsparian science having added the Flow-empowered martial arts discipline known as FLUID (Flow Unarmed Individual Defence).

    Ganzfelds have an additional ACU skill, Flow, for manipulating the Flow Field. Activating a Flow technique is a Flow check. Failed activations don’t mean nothing happened — it means that instead of the neat, well-researched, predictable bundle of effects you were expecting, you got...something else.

    In addition to Body and Mind, Ganzfeld characters have a Reality status track. The Reality track can fill with two different types of side effect, Fuzz and Paradox. Unlike the Mind and Body tracks, the Reality track only ever contains one kind at a time. First it fills right-to-left with Fuzz — 1d4 Fuzz for each Flow technique activated — during which the Ganzfeld experiences minor weirdness — localised electrical surges, déjà vu, and sounds echoing, damping or distorting, for example.

    If their total Fuzz would exceed the number of boxes in their Reality track, the consequences become more serious. They take one box of Shock to their Mind track; their Reality track immediately empties of all Fuzz, replacing it with their first box of Paradox, filling again left-to-right.

    While in a state of Paradox, the Ganzfeld gains 1d4 more boxes of Paradox for each Flow technique attempted, whether or not they succeed in activating it. As the Reality track fills with paradox, the Ganzfeld becomes increasingly dislocated from normality, struggling to interact with things, and takes an increasing paradox modifier — as a bonus to Flow checks, and as a penalty to all others — as marked along the bottom of the Reality track. Control will determine what effects the inconsistencies they’re induced in reality around them have.

    The Reality track empties over time, in an analogous way to natural healing emptying the Body track. Like natural healing, this takes place on a downtime timescale.


    Many Ganzfeld Flow techniques target a "single object". While the universe itself may draw no such distinction, Ganzfelds themselves are only people, and their cognition has limits — due to the complexity of Flow Field manipulation, target objects must generally be inanimate, small enough that the Ganzfeld could physically move and manipulate them, and not currently in use by or in the possession of another person. Single objects can be fixed to another thing (for example, a door inside a doorframe) but not a structural part of them (so not, for example, a brick in a wall).

    A reasonable, visible quantity of liquid or gas that’s a contiguous pool or within a container may count as a single object, but may require a Raise to target. The subjective nature of the limitation sometimes produces odd-seeming results; a Ganzfeld may be able to treat a closed container as a single object, unless they know it contains a large number of smaller objects, which may convince them that it is not.

    Simultaneous activation

    Some Flow techniques are instantaneous; some continue until dismissed. Continuous effects are a considerable cognitive burden; whenever a Ganzfeld attempts a Flow technique, they take a penalty equal to the square of the number of continuous effects they are already maintaining (-1 if they are maintaining one, -4 if they are maintaining two, -9 for three, etc.)


    Kinesis techniques involve imparting and manipulating kinetic energy.

    Kinetic Force Induction

    Prerequisites: none.

    A single touched object experiences an instantaneous kinetic force, in an arbitrary direction of the Ganzfeld’s choice.

    Kinetic Line

    Prerequisites: Kinetic Force Induction.

    Extends the range of Kinetic Force Induction to any single object within line-of-sight.

    Kinetic Burst

    Prerequisites: Kinetic Line.

    Targets a 5m diameter sphere, centred on any single point within line-of-sight; all single objects within it undergo Kinetic Force Induction.


    Prerequisites: none.

    Lifts, moves or manipulates a single object in any way that that the Ganzfeld would be capable of replicating physically. Objects which are outside a 5m diameter sphere, centred on the Ganzfeld, must continually be within line-of-sight; objects within the sphere can be manipulated without seeing them.


    Prerequisites: Reposition.

    The Ganzfeld can move, with six degrees of freedom, anywhere within unobstructed three-dimensional space at the equivalent of their walking speed, or similarly maintain a perfectly stationary position.

    Motion Nullification

    Prerequisites: none.

    Instantaneously stops the motion of a single object within line-of-sight. The target does not experience damage from deceleration.

    Kinetic Filter

    Prerequisites: Motion Nullification.

    Designates a 2m diameter sphere, centred on the Ganzfeld. All macroscopic objects moving faster than the Ganzfeld’s walking speed, or which the Ganzfeld is aware of and considers hostile, undergo Motion Nullification if they would otherwise pass through the surface of the sphere.


    Thermosis is for imparting and manipulating thermal energy.

    Personal Ambient Temperature

    Prerequisites: none.

    Regardless of external conditions, the Ganzfeld experiences a subjectively comfortable temperature.


    Prerequisites: none.

    This technique must be learned as either Pyrogenesis, which increases temperature, or as Cryogenesis, which decreases it. (Both forms have to be learned separately — if both are known, either effect can be chosen for any technique which has Thermogenesis as a direct or indirect prerequisite. Otherwise, any such technique induces the temperature change matching the version known.)

    Instantaneously changes the temperature of a single touched object to the point where it undergoes a phase change, or suffers catastrophic damage.

    Thermal Line

    Prerequisites: Thermogenesis.

    Extends the range of Thermogenesis to any single object in line-of-sight.

    Thermal Burst

    Prerequisites: Thermal Line.

    Targets a 5m diameter sphere, centred on any single point within line-of-sight; all single objects within it undergo Thermogenesis.

    Thermal Channel

    Prerequisites: Thermal Line.

    This technique designates a straight line between the Ganzfeld’s hand and a single object in line-of-sight. All points and single objects intersected by the line undergo Thermogenesis. (Unless carefully filtered and climate-controlled, empty air along the Channel will usually form ice crystals under Cryogenesis, or catch fire under Pyrogenesis.)

    Thermal Blade

    Prerequisites: Thermal Channel.

    This technique designates a 1m radius sphere centred on the Ganzfeld’s hand, and produces a Thermal Channel from the Ganzfeld’s hand to a single point on the sphere’s surface. The target point can be moved around on the sphere at will. (The Channel cannot be created at or moved to any point where it would intersect with the Ganzfeld.)


    Electromagnetic energy manipulation.

    Ambient Light Zone

    Prerequisites: none.

    Instantaneously, sourcelessly alters the ambient light level within a 5m diameter sphere, centred on a point within line-of-sight. Light levels can be increased to any level the Ganzfeld does not find physically uncomfortable, or decreased to absolutely lightless.


    Prerequisites: Ambient Light Zone.

    Instantaneously produces a sourceless stream of light — either omnidirectional, or in a single arbitrary direction — from a single, stationary point within line-of-sight. The light can be any brightness above ambient that the Ganzfeld does not find physically uncomfortable.


    Prerequisites: Lux.

    Designates a point within a 5m diameter sphere, centred on the Ganzfeld, and produces a Lux effect at that point. The light will maintain its position relative to the Ganzfeld when they move. As an Adjunct Activity, the Ganzfeld can change its brightness and (if directional) its direction.

    Expanded Spectrum

    Prerequisites: none.

    Compresses a wider range of the electromagnetic spec- trum into the Ganzfeld’s visible range — all normally-visible things will have their colours shifted towards green, in the middle of the visible range; infrared wavelengths will appear as red, and ultraviolet wavelengths will become visible as shades of violet.

    See Without Light

    Prerequisites: Expanded Spectrum.

    Feeds the Ganzfeld’s brain information about what’s around them directly from the structure of the universe, bypassing their eyes altogether. All objects within 100m which would make valid targets for Flow techniques if within line-of-sight are targetable.


    Prerequisites: See Without Light.

    Light ceases to interact with the Ganzfeld, neither being absorbed nor reflecting off them; it passes through. They are impossible to detect with eyesight, cameras, or other electromagnetic machinery. Physical, chemical, and sound senses and sensors still detect them, as can Ganzfelds using See Without Light.

    An invisible Ganzfeld must also successfully maintain See Without Light to see anything at all.


    Prerequisites: none.

    An electrical arc jumps between the Ganzfeld and a single object within line-of-sight. If using a Precision Target Discriminator against a living target, this inflicts 1d4 stun.

    Path of Conductivity

    Prerequisites: Jolt.

    When the Ganzfeld successfully Jolts a target, they can continue to jump the arc between a series of additonal targets, for an additional point of fuzz or Paradox per additional target..


    Nonlocality is the art of bypassing the objects and space between A and B.


    Prerequisites: none.

    Instantaneously moves a single object within line-of-sight to the Ganzfeld — in their hand, if possible, or within reach if not.

    Walk Through Walls

    Prerequisites: Levitation & See Without Light.

    Allows the Ganzfeld to pass through a solid obstacle. The entire movement must be in a single straight line, in any direction, and the effect ends as soon as no part of the Ganzfeld intersects with a solid object. (As with targeting objects, for Flow manipulation purposes “the Ganzfeld” fuzzily includes everything they are wearing, carrying and using at the time.)


    Prerequisites: Fetch.

    The Ganzfeld instantaneously changes position to another spot within line-of-sight, or a random available space within 10m of a Jump Beacon they have previously attuned to.

    Cargo Jump

    Prerequisites: Jump.

    The Ganzfeld designates by concentrating, a number of people and/or single objects not exceeding their ACU, all within 5m of the Ganzfeld. The Ganzfeld and all designated cargo undergo a Jump.


    Prerequisites: Cargo Jump.

    This enables a Ganzfeld to Jump to any place in the universe they can sufficiently describe. This makes it possible to Jump to friends’ homes, or arbitrary locations within the Ganzfeld’s hometown, for example, from memory; in cities with a very regular street grid, it may be possible to Jump to a given street address. However, in conjunction with the Navigation specialty Space, and subspecialty Starjump Mapping, it becomes possible for the Ganzfeld to precisely, mathematically describe anywhere. Starships fitted with a priceless Ganzfeld Wishbone Cradle anchor themselves to their Ganzfeld pilot within the Flow Field, and are effortlessly pulled along when their pilot Jumps.


    Flow techniques for fetching and sending information.


    Prerequisites: none.

    This Flow technique makes the Ganzfeld instantaneously aware of all other Ganzfelds within 100m, in a way that’s as personally recognisable as someone’s face, voice, or personal mannerisms.

    Flow Psychometry

    Prerequisites: Ping.

    This expands the awareness given by Ping to include a continuous, ongoing awareness of other Ganzfelds’ locations, and a non-personally-identifying sense of the pres- ence and locations of non-Ganzfeld persons.

    Forensic Psychometry

    Prerequisites: Flow Psychometry.

    Expands Flow Psychometry to include a personally identifying sense of all sentient individuals, and the capacity to retrace their movements for the preceding 24 hours from eddies in the Flow Field.


    Prerequisites: Forensic Psychometry.

    Expertise with the flow patterns of the Flow Field leads to an enhanced awareness of the world; while using Dangersense, the Ganzfeld adds 1d6 to all Tactical Awareness, Tradecraft and Observation checks, can make Flow checks as an Adjunct Activity to attempt to gain extra information on any of these checks which succeed, and is immune to the Surprised condition.


    Prerequisites: none.

    Designates up to ACU people within 10m. The Ganzfeld can then choose to transmit information, which will be simultaneously and identically received by all the designated people, provided they are currently conscious and remain within 1km of the Ganzfeld. While time and concentration can be used to transmit coherent language, pictures, memories and sensory impressions, in general this has the approximate bandwidth of a stream of emoji. Note that this technique, and the techniques which include this in their prerequisites, can be used at will on just about sentient individual, but Ganzfeld culture takes consent for telepathy extremely seriously.


    Prerequisites: Mindcast.

    Designates people as per Mindcast, and connects them all bidirectionally. Only Ganzfelds are likely to be able to concentrate sufficiently to send pictures, memories or sensory impressions, but anyone should be able to broadcast emoji or, with practise, concentrate enough to send a short phrase.


    Prerequisites: Mindtalk.

    Forms a deep connection with a single other mind, which the Ganzfeld can use to observe it. Minds are not intended to be shared this way, and the access is not necessarily convenient or legible. This does not grant access to the target’s consciousness, and is not a communication mechanism — in much the same way that open heart surgery can tell you about someone’s body but nothing about their body language. Searching and deciphering someone’s memories is possible, in a way that’s a cross between archaeology, data forensics, and linguistic analysis of an unknown language. There are considered to be very few legitimate uses for this technique, nearly all of them medical.


    Prerequisites: Mindread.

    Expands on Mindread with the capability to tamper with and alter the mind accessed. There are considered to be no legitimate uses for this outside medical ones.


    Prerequisites: Flow Psychometry & Mindwrite.

    Two or more Ganzfelds can merge their minds into a temporary plural system. All participants remain co-conscious, and co-front to the extent of basic control of their own body; the participant who initiates the merge, however, fronts the system overall, has at least some control over all participants’ bodies, and has access to the knowledge and memories of all participants. This technique allows the Ganzfeld to initiate and front such a plural system.


    Morphics techniques involve manipulating and restoring biological bodies.

    Sense Deprivation

    Prerequisites: none.

    Targets one person within 5m and interrupts their brain’s ability to process and integrate sensory data. Essentially an induced complex partial seizure, the technique itself is instantaneous, but the effects on the target typically last a few minutes, followed by tiredness and confusion lasting for up to several hours. Ganzfeld culture’s serious attitude to telepathic consent make this technique at least as violent as physically bludgeoning the target unconscious.

    Trauma Abatement

    Prerequisites: none.

    Targets one person within 5m. Removes 1d6 boxes of trauma from their Mind track.

    Vital Restoration

    Prerequisites: none.

    Targets one person within 5m. Removes 1d6 boxes of injury from their Body track.


    Prerequisites: none.

    Targets one person within 5m. Can be used to alter the target’s skin pigmentation in arbitrary patterns and colours; change the colour of their eyes or the colour which their newly grown hair will be; to close piercings or painlessly open new ones; or to reduce scar tissue. With appropriate medical training, the Ganzfeld can develop their use of this technique to sculpt arbitrary tissue in cosmetic and somewhat-functional ways.

    Transient Vigour

    Prerequisites: none.

    Targets one person within 5m. Adds 5 temporary boxes to their Body track; any incoming damage will permanently tick these off. The character takes no damage until all temporary boxes are gone.

    Dependency Reduction

    Prerequisites: none.

    Targets one person within 5m. Choose one substance they are addicted to; removes 1d4 boxes of their addiction on that substance.


    Milspec body modification.


    Prerequisites: none.

    Gives the Ganzfeld +2 STOP in addition to any from worn armour.

    Body of Knives

    Prerequisites: none.

    The Ganzfeld’s nails and teeth temporarily toughen and lengthen to claws and fangs, which inflict DMG 2, AP 2.


    Prerequisites: Carapace & Body of Knives.

    For a maximum of PHYS rounds, the Ganzfeld gains Fast Start and is immmune to stun damage. When Warform ends, the Ganzfeld instantly gains 1d6 stun. In addition:

    • If they are maintaining Carapace, the additional STOP increases from +2 to +4
    • If they are maintaining Dangersense, they gain Go-Again+
    • If they are maintaining Body of Knives, their melée damage increases to DMG 4, AP 4. Their body also bristles with quills; even when they miss a melée attack they inflict DMG 1, AP 4
    • If they are maintaining Kinetic Filter, melée attackers stopped by the filter are knocked prone; projectile attacks are redirected back in the direction of the attacker
    • If they are maintaining Thermal Blade, the Blade becomes a DMG 4, AP 6 melée weapon
    • If they are maintaining Walk Through Walls, it has none of the usual restrictions on changing direction, and lasts through any number of non-continuous wallwalks. The Ganzfeld can attack as normal while wholly or partly inside solid objects. This combined Warform Through Walls form will not end, even after Warform’s PHYS rounds have elapsed, until no part of the Ganzfeld intersects with a solid object
    • If they are using See Without Light, they gain a +3 bonus and +1 DMG, +1 AP to all attacks


    Prerequisites: none.

    Choose a number; the Ganzfeld gains that many boxes of fuzz (and/or Paradox, if their Reality track is sufficently full), plus a box of shock (in addition to any shock gained from overflowing from fuzz to Paradox).

    This gives the Ganzfeld a pool of that many points to spend on a single skill, at the same rate as character creation points; this increases their effective skill rank for their next check using that skill. Effective skill increase by Superfocus can exceed the usual maximum skill value.


    Prerequisites: none.

    While maintaining this technique, at the start of each combat round, the Ganzfeld can choose to manifest one or more initiative conditions for the round (although, unfortunately, the metabolic strain is damaging, and this technique cannot protect them from it):

    • Go-Again: the Ganzfeld takes 1 Stun on manifestation
    • Go-Again+: the Ganzfeld takes 1 Stun on manifestation
    • both: the Ganzfeld takes 1 Injury on manifestation


    Flow Unarmed Individual Defence is the standard Flow-enhanced martial art taught to Feldsparian Special Response officers.

    FLUID Form

    Prerequisites: a Martial Arts skill of 6+.

    The Ganzfeld gains Fast Start.

    FLUID Form must be maintained to activate any other FLUID technique; however, all other FLUID techniques are cutting-edge optimised techniques which add only 1 fuzz or Paradox to the Reality track per activation.

    FLUID Throw

    Prerequisites: FLUID Form & Kinetic Force Induction.

    A Kinesis-empowered martial arts strike which flings the target away from the point of impact in a straight-line continuation of the attack’s motion.

    FLUID Dodge

    Prerequisites: FLUID Form & Jump.

    Avoids a melee attack by flickering out of physical space while the attack passes through it.

    FLUID Block

    Prerequisites: FLUID Form & Motion Nullifica- tion.

    Instantly stops all motion of a physically intercepted incoming melee attack; the attacker must succeed a Gymnastics versus the Ganzfeld’s Flow check or take their own PHYS÷2 boxes of injury.

    FLUID Break

    Prerequisites: FLUID Form & Kinetic Force Induction & Thermogenesis.

    A single touched object explosively shatters, outward from the point of contact and away from the Ganzfeld. If using a Precision Target Discriminator against a living target, this inflicts 2d4 injury.

    If the Ganzfeld also knows Motion Nullification, they can use this technique to destructively dump all their own kinetic energy into a collision, instantly halting without taking any damage.

    FLUID Sprint

    Prerequisites: FLUID Form & Kinetic Force Induction & Transient Vigour.

    Doubles the Ganzfeld’s MV this round.