Character Creation

Creating a Rainworld character is relatively involved — there are several choices to make, optional features to be considered from several lists, and a budget of points to be spent on various aspects of your character.

(The authors generally work out new characters on a sheet of rough paper, then copy the finished thing onto either a character sheet or a clean sheet of paper!)

Character creation has, broadly speaking, four stages:

  1. Character concept
  2. Species
  3. Customisation
  4. Starting gear

Character Concept

Your character is a person within Rainworld’s reality; they have a name, a body, a personality. Maybe they have family, friends, hobbies; ambitions; secrets. Thought of something that sounds cool, or funny, or awesome? They can be that person. Have a favourite character from a film, book or comic? They can be just like that. All you’ve got so far is their cool haircut and catchphrase? That’s a perfectly good starting point. Don’t really know yet? You can make a generic character and work out the details as you go along — that's fine!

Ideally, you’ve got an idea whether your character is brawny or less physical, professorial or less intellectual, that kind of thing. Eventually you’re going to quantify that in terms of the following STATISTICS, describing their fundamental capabilities:

  • PHYSIQUE (PHYS): buffness, strength, physical flexibility, general fitness
  • CONDITION (CON): physical training and aptitude for learned activities
  • TOUGHNESS (TUF): mental and physical fortitude, resilience, pain tolerance
  • ACUITY (ACU): mental speed and flexibility, memory, pattern matching, executive function
  • EDUCATION (EDU): book learning, qualifications, knowledge
  • PEOPLE SKILLS (PPL): social finesse, body language, manipulation, psychology

They also have a stat called Click, and a movement speed per phase (MV). MV starts at 5m, Click starts at 3, and all the other stats start at 5.


According to Rainworld's cultural narratives, your character has certain natural edges, depending on their species. Your choices are human, Ganzfeld, homunculoid, or Urow ("Manx"). (If Control is okay with it, supplementary material presents some additional options.)


There are several aspects to character customisation: skills, skill specialties, training, and Quirks.

Many aspects of your character are changed or upgraded during their creation by spending character creation points: you start with a budget of 100.

Any unspent character creation points when you finish creating your character are lost.


Skills are the primary way that Rainworld characters interact with the game's world, and express the differences in their personal capabilities and education. The skills you raise at character creation are a direct reflection of what you expect your character to do, whether that's shoot things, ask questions, or fix computers.

All skills start at 0. All skills are linked to one of the statistics; although you rarely use your statistics directly in play, you cannot raise a skill higher than its linked stat.

Raising either a statistic or skill by one rank costs its new value in character creation points (e.g. raising CON from its starting value of 5 to 6 costs 6 points.) To raise a stat or skill by more than one rank, you buy each cumulative rank increase. (So to raise EDU from 5 to 7, you have to buy rank 6, then 7, for a total of 6+7=13 points.)

Full details on the list of skills is here.


Specialties and subspecialties are situational, stacking +1 bonuses to a particular skill. For each 3 ranks a character has in a skill, they can have a specialty in it, or a subspecialty of an existing specialty. Every specialty or subspecialty costs 3 character creation points. (For example, Pistols is a valid Firearms specialty, and the Pantheon Xipetotec is a valid Pistols subspecialty, giving the character a +2 bonus when firing a Xipetotec and +1 when firing any other pistol.)


Rainworld characters were put through one of the training packages of the PEACE Plan by their employer; their training package provides a free skill specialty in each of the skills it covers (even if they lack the skill ranks they'd need to buy that specialty separately!), and a student loan on a particular manufacturer's gear.


Your student finance deal is on gear manufactured by Panoptikon corporation. Skill specialties are in:

  • Stealth
  • Martial Arts
  • Tactical Awareness
  • Gymnastics

Your student finance deal is on a vehicle manufactured by Muve corporation (maximum one). Skill specialties are in:

  • Drive (your choice of Bike or Vehicle)
  • Navigation
  • Software
  • Tradecraft

Your student finance deal is on firearms manufactured by Hand Canon corporation. Skill specialties are in:

  • Firearms
  • Melée Weapons
  • Explosives
  • Aggro

Your student finance deal is on gear manufactured by Watson Polytronics corporation. Skill specialties are in:

  • Bureaucracy
  • Interact
  • Investigation
  • Medic

Your student finance deal is on outfits manufactured by Süt corporation. Skill specialties are in:

  • Public Relations
  • Memetics
  • Business
  • Aggro


A Quirk is an oddity or special characteristic of your character which has specific rules effects.

There are several types of Quirk; some cost character creation points, others have other requirements, and some invite Control to introduce complications to your character's life during the game.

Full details on the list of Quirks is here.

Starting Gear

Rainworld characters start with 1000ℒ to equip themself for the job. This is a grant from the company for that purpose; any unspent money is lost.

If they choose to take advantage of the credit deal as part of their PEACE plan training package, they pay a 100ℒ deposit against any and all qualifying gear they start with. (Given that the company control their work and pay, it is assumed that one way or another, loan repayment will be forthcoming.)

Full details on the list of gear is here.

Starting Money

By default, characters start with no money, student loans to pay off, and rent of around 500ℒ per month.

Up to 5 character creation points can be converted into money your character has on hand at the start of the game (i.e. it can't be spent on starting gear). Each point you convert is worth 100ℒ (or 50 highly illegal paper dollars).

Improving Characters Afterwards

Rainworld characters earn two things by completing in-game work: in their fictional world, they earn themselves money. As characters in your game, they earn Experience Points (XP).

You can increase your character's stats and skills, and buy new specialties and subspecialties, after character creation, during an ongoing game (usually between sessions). This works exactly the same way as spending points during character creation, except that after character creation, the points you spend are XP instead.

Adding Quirks that cost character creation points to your character using XP is sometimes okay — representing new training, personal development or company-assigned responsibilities. Check that it's okay with Control if you want to add new Quirks. (Upside/Downside and Trouble Quirks really aren't intended to be added after character creation!)