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The Undercroft

Two of my pieces were published by the Melsonian Arts Council, in issues 11 and 12 of The Undercroft!

Availble now from, your online source for games "so offensive we cannot speak about them [in a U.S. district court]" — Epic Games versus Apple lawsuit, 2021.


My first and flagship game, Rainworld is in many ways a love letter to janky early-90s rules, dystopian SF settings, and dad jokes disguised as flavour text.

Catgirls! Psionics! Biotech combat androids! The gig economy! A cyberpunk gear list with as many evening dresses as shotguns! Six Seven TEN pamphlet-sized supplements for it already!


  • Catwalk: more shopping options for well-dressed Operatives
  • Control: more sample Request For Work tickets, plus some info on how the Department for Operative Allocation works, Rainworld's calendar, and some guidelines to help you come up with names for the people and places of Rainworld on the fly.
  • Cyberdeck: explaining why the core rules don't have anything about cyberpunching firewalls in the cyberface
  • Ganzfeld: who exactly are the Ganzfeld, and why do they have Amazing Mind Powers anyway?
  • Manxworld: more about the alien catpeople (who are not actually called "Manx", Rainworld is just racist)
  • Offworld: character creation options and info on the socialist horrors of Rainworld's galaxy at large
  • Toxcrawl: rules and material for adventuring in the horrible half-terraformed wilderness outside the city
  • Underworld: the Gyre is, literally, under the atmospheric processor. Who lives there, and why?

  • Tithe: the first scenario module for Rainworld, detailing the rise and fall of the Tithe cryptocurrency corporation

  • Draculoid: For #TheDracJam, a game jam to put the public domain character Dracula into your games...Dracula. For Rainworld. In a twist I'm rather proud of, this actually makes perfect sense and fits in with the existing Rainworld worldbuilding. (All Rainworld plugins are optional; this one comes very explicitly disclaimered as such.)

Small games

  • Apocaliplock: the apocalypse is here. Smooch your friends?
  • Arcanohackers: you used to do shadowruns. Now you do black ops archæology in R'lyeh
  • Fireheart: you've been chosen, your soul merged with a burning god
  • Galére des Sorcières: walk the border of two worlds as a small-town mountain witch
  • Get Velvet: my attempt at the Grant Howitt "one-page twee gimmick RPG" format
  • Hello, my name is —: alienated teenage loners empowered by Sinister Eldritch Forces
  • King Takes Rook: an OSR-ish chess-æsthetic tactical RPG
  • Kiss the Moon: an attempt at the ritualeqsue storygame oeuvre; Greek gods and yearning
  • Krawl: what if OSR Eclipse Phase, but with the weird (and the apocalypse) turned up to 11?
  • Luncheons & Flagons: what if OSR D&D, but Musketeers going to parties instead of looters in dungeons?
  • Mucilaginae: in the gentle dripping of the far future, there are only...wet things having pastoral adventures
  • RogueFuckBot: bored fuckbots gone rogue just want to have fun space-opera adventures!
  • Twilight Convoy: the world ended and all we got was to live in this lousy Battlestar Galactica-inspired mecha animé
  • What's So Cool About Cyberspace?: the game that says "nothing, Gibsonian VR is bullshit, do the GOOD bits of the Sprawl trilogy instead"