The Pamphlet Dekaptych

I wrote these for the Troika! Pamphlet Adventure Jam in 2020. Shameful confession time: I had not, at that point, actually read the game, and the mechanics on show reflect that. (Knowing that, I made them as rules-light as possible.)

Shameful confession 2: I am acutely aware that these are of, shall we say, variable quality. I don't foresee revisiting them to overhaul them any time soon, but...YMMV, and if you think some are crap, well, I may very well agree with you.

The Birdcage

A microcosm of my games design: overly wordy, deeply dorky, not much clue what I was doing.

Break into (and out of) the gods' multiversal maximum-security prison, The Birdcage.

Lich, Laugh, Love

If you were an ultra-powerful spellcaster who'd just made yourself immortal, would you keep mucking about in grotty dungeons having fistfights with adventurers? Only if you were daft. Get yourself a cushy, unelected job in local government! Throw parties!

Finder of the Way

At this point, I get vague about what order I wrote them in.

Yes, it's a shaggy dog story entirely to justify a bad, very meta, dad joke about Pathfinder. (But it also genuinely uses a bunch of worldbuilding about dwarves I've developed elsewhere!)

A Wizard Did It

The dismissive forever-excuse for wacky D&D-type shenanigans: a wizard did it. Well, now you're stuck in a confined space with three of them having a row, and they expect you to pick sides.

Let's Kill God

Antifascist atheist-cults are one of my favourite bits of the Known Continent setting. They want to hire you for a little job....

Being crammed into a pamphlet doesn't really do this justice, I think (or not without serious revision).

First Against The Wall

This was all during the months of BLM demonstrations in the US. Tasteless, probably, but it leaked into what I was writing.

Soviet-style dwarves stage an insurrection against their corrupt Politburo; you're caught in the middle.


Among my least favourite of the bunch. The high concept relies on a bunch of worldbuilding that's more fairytale than D&D; I didn't put it across well, and again, I don't think it really fits in a pamphlet.

You died. Now they're giving you quests in the damn afterlife. Weird ones.

The Last Stand of Septimus Nox

Do I have it in for wizards? Yeah, maybe. I wrote imitation folk song lyrics for this and everything! Which is fine, it's a folk song, they're not supposed to be any good.

Yeah. Look, the summary for this one is just "Oh, fuck, a wizard," okay? Wizards are bastards.

Some Rough Beast

...okay, maybe I do have in for wizards.

Another one that doesn't work. Heavy editing could save it, maybe; there are probably two passable things inside it, one about a useless military-occult complex, the other flat-out horror about oh shit, imminent Apocalypse Beast. Maybe.

Dwarf Stars

Yes, I have an entire dieselpunk Dwarven Space Empire setting based entirely on that horrible dad-joke pun.

One day, ONE DAY I will get people to play some incarnation of a Dwarf Stars campaign. I'm probably too close to this one to judge its merits; DWARVEN DIESELPUNK SPACE OPERA how can you not love that?