Silent Treatment

Cohost writing prompt: @make-up-a-wizard — wizard who uses their silence spell to keep the demons away

The tavern is visibly divided into three: at one end of it, dripping in gauzy silks, gold chains, and pale-coloured body paint, the seething, sulking form of a succubus slouches against the bar. At the other, pointed hat pulled low over her brow, robes crisp and severe, ramrod upright on her barstool, the wizard. Attempting a safe distance from both, and not daring to venture directly between them, the hardy few patrons unwilling to simply abandon their drinks and leave.

The innkeeper hovers in the doorway to the kitchen, working a cloth over a long-dried tankard, scowling like thunder over his evening's takings.

Petal pauses in the tavern doorway, mouth twitching, then makes her casual way over to the wizard. Bumping the mage's shoulder, she makes to greet them, then pulls a face at the absence of sound from her mouth. When the wizard spares her a stiff glance, she shapes her hand into slow and patronisingly distinct Fingersprache.

Your ex? she signs, and nudges the gesture unsubtly in the direction of the succubus, cackling inaudibly at the immediate and furious obscene gestures from both directions.