Guardian Vermillion

Cohost writing prompt: @Making-up-Magical-Girls — Magical Boy Who Is The Only One Sticking To The Narrative Anymore

"I fought twenty Sea-Cucumber Goons single-handed," Guardian Vermillion says stiffly.

"Yeah. Um. Good job? Sorry," Guardian Cerulean says, noisily cracking open a Red Bull.

"You were making out in a broom closet with the archvillainess," he says, stolidly reproachful. "She set all those goons loose and just...forgot about activating her Doom Sigil."

"Hell yeah she did," Cerulean says, then remembers she's not-really-apologising and slides down in her seat. "Hey, it — worked as a distraction?"

"Chartreuse and Ochre were having a fistfight in the parking lot," Vermillion says.

Ochre, sporting a black eye, loudly pops her bubblegum. Chartreuse, on the other side of the room and refusing to look at anyone, says nothing.


"Alabaster tested positive for Covid!" Cerulean objects. "You can't complain about that."

"You all fucked off and left me to fight twenty! Sea-Cucumber Goons! On my own!" Vermillion says, raising his voice just a little bit.