Found Family

Cohost writing prompt: @Making-up-Demons — Demon who found a family

"I had an aesthetic blog on Tumblr," Bikruugu the Seven Ever-Restless Hands of Icy Razors says matter-of-factly, carefully spearing peas off his plate and eating them, one at a time. "...Oh, that was one of ours, of course."

The Robinsons are crammed together, as far away as they can get without leaving the dinner table.

"Tumblr?" ventures Hannah, the eldest daughter.

"Social media," Bikruugu corrects. "Man, Instruments of Psychological Torture are on a roll with the internet! To think we were worried in the early days, about all that hippie digital-Age-of-Aquarius global consciousness stuff Upstairs were pushing! Should have known." He pauses to sip from his glass of water. "But yeah. Our line manager made us set up Tumblrs as a measurable for our departmental digital upskilling, and I got really into, you know, unhinged fandom drama, that kind of thing. And I found out about found family! Like! You can just find people! And it's just as good! Probaby better!" He beams across the table. "Dunno why everybody doesn't do it, there are so many families lying around! I found you really easily!"

"That's not what that means," Hannah says, and Bikruugu pauses, knife and fork hovering over his potatoes.

"Well, if I've got the wrong end of the stick with my reconsideration of my entire worldview, miss smart alec," he says, eyes narrowed, "I can always go back to the old ways," and pointedly kicks the pitchfork leaning against the table next to him.