Bumper Stickers

Cohost writing prompt: @Making-up-Mech-Pilots — Mech Pilot who is running out of decal space

"What do you mean you thought we were married?"

Angharad's pretty sure she's blushing the colour of a Complete Systems Failure warning, which makes her face a damnably accurate status readout for her brain.

Dermot blinks at her several times, and points a nonplussed thumb at her mech.

"What, because screwing your mechanic's a cliché?"

"No, I mean—" he backs up a step, looking steadily more baffled at her defensiveness. "You know. All the bumper stickers?"

"Bumper stickers are a normal thing to put on a mech!"

He glances at it out of the corner of his eye, and she looks at it too, and okay, maybe. Maybe it's a lot of stickers. But it's their thing. Their friend thing. Whenever Morag takes a trip somewhere, or wants to find her a gift online, or stumbles across one that's funny or cute, she gets her a sticker and it goes somewhere on the mech. And so maybe they're had to use the cherry picker to find spots to put them in, for the last year, so what?

"I mean I think I'd know if she liked me liked me," Angharad says, arms folded tightly over her chest, and then spends the rest of the morning periodically yelling "Fuck you!" across the hangar at him when he won't stop laughing and refusing to let her refute him with FACTS and LOGIC and HOW DARE.