Cohost writing prompt: @make-up-a-starship-pilot — Starship pilot who don’t need no fancy shields or lasers

"Honestly, the invention of the graviton drive is the worst thing that ever happened to piloting. Fucking youngsters think space is a video game, think flying is all dogfighting and high-speed chases and shit.

"How are we going to dodge their PDC to get at the target site — are you joking, kid? Dodge? You really can't think of any other way to crack this than jump in a bunch of hotrods, manoeuvre faster than their guns can track, get right up in their teeth and plink at it?

"Here's what we're actually going to do. Feel free to take fucking notes. We warp in a handful of tugs, couple of weeks ahead, way out in the belt, out of their sensor range. Corral a few big ol' rocks, aim for the target, and burn. Doesn't need to be fast; it's about acceleration. Weeks of it.

"Oh no, they're plinking their PDC at the big fucking rocks. Oh no, the big fucking rocks can't dodge. You know who else can't dodge? Lunar installations. You know what really wrecks someone's day? Big fast fucking rocks."